MOT & Service

We can fine-tune your car

The MOT test is an annual test to check the safety of the vehicle, the roadworthiness of it and emissions required in the UK for most vehicles three years and older.

Elements such as the brakes, lights, exhaust, windscreen wipers, steering wheel, suspension, seatbelts, horn, mirrors, tyres and more all get checked during this test.

Our garage recently had a risk assessment test carried out by DVSA and, again, we are proud to be a green garage with a high score for our customer reception area.

We have all the tools required to get your car checked from top to bottom. Next time you need an MOT test for your vehicle then be sure to visit us!

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Diagnostic Services

Key Programming now available

Here are a few reasons why you would need a key programming or replacement done:

1) When the battery on the remote dies.

2) If you drop the key in water or a similar it can become useless (hence reprogramming a spare key).

3) children pressing buttons or in your pocket, the remote won’t open the central locking on most occasions.

Diagnosing a vehicle is complicated with the ever growing technology with Immobiliser, DPF, BCM and many more complicated electronic and electrical parts in everyday cars! Be sure to use the right garage with the right technology behind the right technician!

Vehicle Inspection

We can take a look under the hood

We can check your vehicle to see if there are any necessary fixes or upgrades that are needed. Sometimes your car will need brake discs and brake pads replacing, sometimes it might be the noise you keep hearing whilst driving or sometimes it may need just nuts and bolts tightening. Your car is a completed machine that requires regular special attention which only qualified engineers like us can provide.

We recommend replacing engine oil at least every 6000 miles as the oil helps lubricate the engine so new oil would work better, it helps cool down the engine again and it also helps to clean the engine.

Bring your vehicle to us whenever you feel the urge to get your vehicle checked out by a professional. See you soon!

Pricing Table

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that
Service Charges (from)
Interim Vehicle Service £40
Full Vehicle Service £80
MOT £40
Key Programming £60
Diagnostics £60